About us

The face behind Defirst Wears

I am a strong passionate lady and I particularly love culture and anything particular to a group of people: outfits or uniforms, festivals, ceremonies and many other traditional values.

Few years ago, I had a strong desire – to build ‘something’ that express rich cultural values and features in a modern way…

''What is the first way to show culture?'' I asked myself – the answer was : Clothing!

A thought came instantly – a clothing line – inspired by Africa (my origin) a well-crafted ready-to-wear and easy-going clothing and accessories that helps express African cultural values and features.

And so Defirst Wears was born… Defirst, means ''what comes first'', the roots…

The company was launched in 2017 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada”.

 - Joelle Defirst, founder of  Defirst Wears

African culture inspires us

Our mixed concept combines tradition and modernity – Exclusive designs for Men and Women– Clothes and accessories that tell a story and add character to one’s wardrobe.

There is a meaning for every print in the fabrics we use – a story and identity entwined into each piece of cloth.

We honor African culture and colors – We celebrate its enriching diversity.

We are bold and trendy – our styles are contemporary, made of quality fabrics and carefull workmanship, with attention to details and finishing touches.

Human Value defines us

Our Vision
To encourage people to express their cultural values and features

Our Values

  • Customer's Experience is our Priority
  • Commitment to Quality and devoted work 
  • Love and Respect
  • Help create sustainable links within the community 
Our Promise
To create new items and trendy designs every Month

    Quality beyond your Expectation

    Our carefully designed and miticulously sewn garments are made for becoming part of your life – your everyday experiences and your bold adventures.

    Our collections are made for you – ladies and gentleman, seeking something special, a touch of originality.

    We offer an outstanding collection of colours, prints and designs – the result of transposing African history, and its lot of stories, into contemporary fashion.


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